Caresse d'Orylag is a French luxury brand of rare objects with soothing properties.

Throughout its collections of accessories and cuddly toys, CARESSE D’ORYLAG offers a tactile journey: a unique sensory experience, an exceptional moment. What makes it so unique are the soothing qualities of this “Extraordinary feel”, which leaves the traveller of the senses with a true feeling of well-being and calmness.


Orylag® is a unique rabbit bred in the South-West of France by few passionate breeders.

Orylag breeders ETHICAL CODE translates into a process and into products that are sustainable, responsible, innovative, as well as respectful for humans, for animals and for the environment.

Orylag breeding makes sure that the whole animal is transformed, that nothing is wasted :

- its meat (Rex du Poitou®) can be found on local markets.

- its fur, being both technically perfect and ethically acceptable, is recycled for the manufacture of our toys and accessories collections.


Created 25 years ago, the cooperative is located in Surgères, in the South-West of France.

The breeders are all really involved in the cooperative and in the rural life of their area.

The cooperative guarantees the traceability, reliability and authentication of each product.

Breeders want progress and aim at continuously improving the living conditions of animals.

They are transparent about their breeding farms and are continuously looking for ways to improve the various links of the process.

They all abide by the “Orylag®’s breeding farm charter”.


Thanks to its unique character, the exacting standards and perfection it requires, ORYLAG is a strong testimony to the unique and unrivalled French craftsmanship. 

ORYLAG is a French registered trademark and has a worldwide protection. 

We believe in :


- Eco Friendly
- Less waste
- Revalorization of products already used
- Respect for the environment and animals


- Ethics
- Artisanal production - Respect of the working conditions
- Solidarity

- Open mind