The Orylag breeders’ venture: committed farmers, the driving forces behind an outstanding project for people, animals and nature.

The ambition of these champions of quality is not only to “produce well” but also to support changes in behaviour towards eating more local, sustainable and seasonal food with a better balance of plants and animals

To pay tribute to their charges, the farmers commit not only to work every day for animal welfare but also to make optimum use of each of the valuable resources obtained from the king amongst rabbits, in other words, its meat, skin and fur. It would make no sense to breed the animal just to eat it, or to use its skin but not eat the healthy, nutritious and tasty food it provides.

Combatting waste is in line with the breeders’ view of nature, that it is a precious asset which provokes a sense of wonder and requires the utmost care.

Ethics, commitment, respect and passion are the watchwords of Orylag® breeders.
They are farmers and above all defenders of Orylag®, an animal that is a source of benefits, whose white meat is a real health food for humans, and its fur is incredibly soft.