Our Story : a cooperative in search of excellence.

Based in Surgères in Charente-Maritime, the Orylag breeders’ cooperative gathers a handful of Orylag rabbit breeders, labelled as Rex du Poitou for its meat. Passionate farmers, advocates for 30 years of a bold alternative project consisting of combining circular economy, artisanal production and exceptional quality!

From the beginning of the story, we chose small-scale production methods focusing on quality over productivity. The breeders are all really involved in the cooperative and in the rural life of their area.

The cooperative guarantees the traceability, reliability and authentication of each product.

Breeders want progress and aim at continuously improving the living conditions of animals. They are transparent about their breeding farms and are continuously looking for ways to improve the various links of the process. They all abide by the “Orylag®’s breeding farm charter”.