A singular and inimitable French know-how.


The skins are treated on-site, within the cooperative. Proof that we treat animals well in Surgères: 95% of skins are anomaly-free!

This is an essential criterion for top luxury brands, who are committed to the excellence of know-how. Their craftspeople, like the highly specialised designers who work within the cooperative, welcome the chance to work with Orylag down which produces a unique sensory experience due to its outstanding density.

The cooperative provides top luxury brands with skins and produces its own items in its workshops: “Made in Charente-Maritime” scarves, cushions, gloves, soft toys, plaids and key rings.

In our workshop, we develop our own production by creating plush toys, scarves, cushions, gloves, custom products etc. “Made in Charente-Maritime”.

Thanks to our highly qualified team, we help to preserve ancestral know-how.